Minimum Advertised Price Policy
In order to offer the best value to our clients and protect the value of our Golden Tiger Ammunition brand, Star Vector Corporation has instituted a Minimum Advertised Price Policy for each of our Golden Tiger Ammunition caliber offerings for ALL ON LINE RETAILERS who carry and sell our Golden Tiger Ammunition line.

Star Vector Corporation will be reviewing all internet listings via an outside, third party monitoring service or internally to assure consistent adherence to this policy. If and when a deviation from our Minimum Advertised Pricing is noted, the Dealer will be contacted in writing with a three-day notice to make the necessary changes to be in compliance with this policy. If no change is made within the three-day period, all shipments will be discontinued until the necessary changes are made. In addition, repeated violations of this policy (defined as 2 or more) will result in that Dealerís base rebates and or discounts for that quarter being forfeited or a termination of product availability as determined by Star Vector Corporation.

With this formal Minimum Advertised Pricing policy, our minimum levels for the Golden Tiger Ammunition remain at specified price points which can be obtained from a Wholesale Distributor or from Golden Tiger Ammunition and Star Vector Corp directly. While this formal policy is for the internet at this time, our informal minimum advertised pricing policy remains in effect for catalog, retail stores and retail store chains.

For an updated listing of our Minimum Advertised Prices please contact the distributor you purchased Golden Tiger Ammunition from.

Distributors and Retailers:
For an updated listing of our Minimum Advertised Prices please contact your Golden Tiger Ammunition sales representative or email